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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector NOVOTEST UD2303

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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector NOVOTEST UD2303

Device is designed to control the quality of products made of various materials, including: metal, plastic, glass, composite materials and etc. Device function are provides checking the continuity of materials and identifying places of inconsistency, search for hidden corrosion, cracks and other internal defects by above listed materials.

Embrace even more functionality Ultrasonic Flaw Detector provides thickness measuring of various products, structures and are able to performs inspection of welded seams, which would be useful both at the intermediate stages of production and the incoming inspection of semi-finished products. Keeping in mind small size and feature set of NOVOTEST UD2303, it is superior to its larger counterparts.

  • Ultrasonic flaw detector UD 2303 inspection weld joint

Flaw detector capabilities

Taking into account customers requirement by working with flaw detectors of various brands and functionality, it will be useful to get in new functions and control methods at UD2303 device.

  • New inspection mode of welded joints of products according the standard of American Welding Society (The American Welding Society Structural Welding Code section D1.1). Semi-automatic control and value device`s calculation, sound accompaniment when the rejection levels are exceeded.
  • Desires of maximum signal stability by fast averaging algorithm
  • High measurement accuracy due to increased signal sampling frequency up to 200 MHz
  • Measurement system in mm and imperial system – inches
  • Long battery life of the device – up to 10 hours (up to 20 hours by special order)

Various operating modes:

  • ASD mode – it is signal indicates that provided by device while working with extended, large objects or certain control areas, when it is inconvenient to follow the readings on the device. Flexible configuration of alarm parameters is available.
  • TVG mode – temporal regulation of sensitivity to equalize the signals amplitudes  from the same defects at different depths.
  • DAC  mode – making the amplitude-distance curve to carry out control and rejection of products for a given equivalent area of ​​the reflector (defect).
  • DGS mode –  wide range control of thicknesses and defects after set up for one reflector, construction of the calculated amplitude-distance-defect curve in automatic mode.
  • AWS mode –  condition of welds control with subsequent classification in accordance with the standard of the American welding community in automatic mode. That mode would be useful at work and subsequent conclusion for companies that are members of AWS D1.1.

Device adaptation

UD2303 ultrasonic flaw detector has the function of screen rotation. In other words, there is no need to hold the device in one position, since by pressing the button you change the position of the screen relative to the device, horizontally or vertically. Also, thanks to this feature, device is suitable for left-handed and right-handed people.

4 Ultrasonic flaw detector UD 2303 object analyzing

    Operating frequency range from 1 to 10,0 MHz
    Range of measured time intervals (duration of scanning) from 6 to 1000 µs
    Velocity range 1000 – 9999 m / s
    Error of measurement of time intervals not exceed ± 0,025 µs
    Maximum permissible error of measurement of the amplitudes of the signals at the receiver input in the range from 0 to 110 dB not exceed ± 0,5 dB
    Testing gain range 126 dB
    Averaging over the quantity of starts from 1 to 128
    Range of variation of temporal sensitivity adjustment (TVG) 1-40 dB
    Number of control points TVG 16
    Duration of the excitation pulse to the load from 12.5 to 0,5 µs

    Scan range
    from 8 up to 250 μs (500 and more by special order)
    from 0,48mm up to 1500mm (in Steel V=6000m/s) (3000m and more by special order)
    Sweep delay range from 0 up to 1000 μs
    Measurement range of time intervals from 8 up to 250 μs (500 and more by special order)
    Setting the delay in the prism of the transducer from 0 up to 15 μs
    Deviation of the amplitudes of input signals in the range from 10 to 100% of the screen height not more than 1 dB
    Setting a delay in the prism of the probe from 0 to 15 µs
    Automatic signalling of defects (ASD) Two-zone
    Measurement units
    • mm
    • inch
    • μs
    Detection of signals positive half-wave, radio mode
    Operating modes DAC, TVG, DGS, AWS, AFS, ASD
    Menu language English, Russian
    Dimensions (W*H*L) 165x90x50 mm
    Power Supply Built-in Li-ion Battery
    Time of continuous work, not less than, h 8
    Operating temperature range for the electronic unit, ° C -20 to +40
    Air moisture, no more 98 %, at 35 °С
    Weight, not more 500 g


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