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Circuit Breaker Timer with Printer 6-Contact CIBRE-L6

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Circuit Breaker Timer with Printer 6-Contact CIBRE-L6

CIBRE-L6 Series, 6-Contact Circuit Breaker Timers are designed using advanced engineering technology to test contact timings of circuit-breakers.

CIBRE-L6 Series has fast, easy and accurate measurement features by our user-friendly software.

CIBRE-L6 Series are battery-powered devices (optional feature), which allow users to perform tests even without power supply during field tests.

Why do we need to test circuit breakers?

It is very important to test circuit breakers regularly. Contact Timing Tests are performed to determine the optimal performance of the breakers.

The testing can determine improper breaker operations in case of system fault and to improve system reliability.

Contact Timing Tests

Contact timing tests are performed to compare the breakers’ main & resistor contact performance against the manufactures specifications.

The breakers OPEN, CLOSE, OPEN-CLOSE, CLOSE-OPEN and OPEN-CLOSE-OPEN operations are timed in milliseconds (ms) and cycles and then compared with the manufacturers’ specification to determine the performance of the circuit breaker.

CIBRE-L6 Series feature with a 4.3-inch large colour touch display, which is visible under both bright sunlight as well as dim light conditions.

Operators can easily print the measurement results with the 2.25-inch built-in printer of CIBRE-L6 Series. The results can also save to a USB flash drive or to the device’s internal memory.

Multi-language capability and user-friendly operation menu make it easy to control CIBRE-L6 Series.

CIBRE-L6 Series devices are light-weight, compact and rugged with the protection of IP67 (case closed) which makes it perfect for the field test.

    Measurement Parameters Contact Timing (O, C, O-C, C-O & O-C-O)
    Dry Contact Inputs 6 dry input channels (each detects main)
    Timing Windows 1s, 10s, 20s
    Timing Resolution 1 s duration 10 s duration 20 s duration
    ± 50 µs ± 500 µs ± 1 ms
    Timing Accuracy 0.05% rdg ± 0.1 ms
    Dry contact channel protection Fuses and Diodes protection, All contacts grounded until test
    Contact detection range Closed ≤20 Ω
    Open ≥5000 Ω
    Resistor detection range 20Ω – 5000Ω
    Trigger input voltage 24 – 300 V DC or ACpeak
    Dry contact input protection Diode Protection/ ESD
    Breaker Initiate Capacity 20 A, 300 V DC or ACpeak
    Initiate current reading range 0 – 15A DC, 5 kHz
    Input Power 100-240 V,  47/63 Hz
    Battery Yes, 14.4 V 3.6 Ah (Optional; Models: CIBRE-L6B, CIBRE-L6B BLUE)
    Display 4.3-inch Colour Touch Display
    Memory Up to 200 records (recommended for better device performance)
    Communication USB 2.0/1.1 Standard-A, USB 2.0/1.1 Standard-B


    Bluetooth (Factory install option; Models: CIBRE-L6 BLUE, CIBRE-L6B BLUE)

    Printer 2.25-inch Built-in Printer
    Dimensions 12.5″ x 10.1″ x 6.0″  (318 mm x 257 mm x 152 mm )
    Weight 3.5 kg (models with battery)
    Working Temperature -10 °C to +60 °C
    Humidity 95% RH non-condensing
    Protection Class IP67 (case closed)
    Scope of Supply CIBRE-L6 device, 6m Contact Cable (2x), 10m Contact Extension Cable (2x), 1m Initiate Cable, 5m Initiate Extension Cable, 1m External Trigger Cable, 5m External Trigger Extension Cable, Power Cord, Ground Cable, USB Cable, Printer Paper (2x), USB Flash Drive, Instruction Manual (soft copy), Soft Carry Bag
    Ordering Information CIBRE-L6, 6-Contact Circuit Breaker Timer with Built-in Printer
    CIBRE-L6 BLUE, 6-Contact Circuit Breaker Timer with Built-in Bluetooth & Printer
    CIBRE-L6B, 6-Contact Circuit Breaker Timer with Built-in Battery & Printer
    CIBRE-L6B BLUE, 6-Contact Circuit Breaker Timer with Built-in Battery, Bluetooth & Printer


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