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Portable Appliance Tester PAT DLPT2+

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Portable Appliance Tester PAT DLPT2+

Advanced Manual PAT Testing kit with Data Logging for 999 assets

Di-log DLPT2+ c/w FREE Data Logger Software

A fantastic value simple-to-use PAT tester with a comprehensive range of tests, data storage, label printing features and free datalogger software.The ApplianceTEST DLPT2+ offers fast and efficient electrical safety testing with label printing and data storage, including free datalogger software. Enabling simple, professional and fast PAT testing, this versatile tester features all of the required tests of the IET 4th Edition Code of Practice along with USB download. It is also fully compatible with the new Test n Tag Pro serial printer for quick and easy label printing without any setup required – just plug and print.

A Seaward datalogger program is supplied as standard and this along with the single key download feature allows measurement data to be quickly and easily transferred from the ApplianceTEST DLPT2+ to PC at the press of a button; whilst all records are date stamped for complete traceability.

Data is downloaded in CSV format and can be accessed by a wide range of software packages or alternatively imported directly into PATGuard 3 Elite for truly professional reports and certificates. As with all Di-Log battery powered PAT testers, accurate earth continuity tests are a given thanks to the unique patent pending “zap” circuit design.


  • Very easy to use
  • Plug and print – easy label printing with no setup (printer optional)
  • Date stamped results for full traceability
  • Single key save
  • Single key download
  • Download software included
  • Store 999 appliance records
  • Industry standard download format
  • Comprehensive range of electrical tests
  • Test 3 phase appliances

    Earth continuity 0.00 Ω – 19.99 Ω
    Insulation resistance 0.01 MΩ – 199 MΩ
    Protective Conductor
    Current (Leakage)
    0.0 mA - 3.50 mA
    Touch current 0.0 mA - 3.50 mA
    Sustitute Leakage 0.0 mA - 3.50 mA
    RCD trip time 0ms – 500 ms 0°/180° auto switched
    Power socket tests 230 V +10 % - 15 % AC. L-PE, L-N, N-PE
    IEC lead tests Earth test, Insulation and Polarity
    Power supply 6 x AA NiMH rechargeable batteries
    Dimensions 260 x 100 x 55 mm
    Weight 950 g


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