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Metrohm Live Line Indicator LLI

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Metrohm Live Line Indicator LLI

High Voltage DC Live Line Indicators (LLI) are battery operated electronic units that have been specifically designed to test DC systems, with particular relevance to Mass Transit Railway (Metro) & Tram based models.

Three versions of Live Line Indicators are available to cover the most common system voltages of 750V, 1500V, and 3000V DC. Although usually applied to overhead catenaries they can also be used on “third rail” installations. Proving that the system is de-energised, and can thus be safely earthed, is important to both maintenance staff and system security.

High Voltage DC Live Line Indicators give both visual (high intensity flashing red LED’s) and audible (70 dB) alarm should a conductor under test indicate as live. Each version has a threshold setting of approximately 33% of system voltage, above which the line is deemed to be energised.


Key Features

  • Can be used on DC high voltage overhead lines up to 3000V DC
  • Earth lead and clamp attached to long-length handle
  • Red LED indicators when voltage is detected
  • Loud 70dB alarm when voltage is detected
  • Audible indication: Buzzer, 3.1 kHz tone, modulated @ 2Hz
  • Can also be used on third rail installations
  • Battery check function
  • Standard Thresholds: 250V / 500V / 1000V DC
  • Resistor Chain: 1.5MΩ / 3MΩ / 6 MΩ
  • Operating time: 5 minutes nominal


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