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WiFi Dew Point Meter EdgeMeter500D

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WiFi Dew Point Meter EdgeMeter500D

It is intelligent , portable and durable. It is mainly comprised of a host meter and a specific type of sensor (external sensor). When connected with different type of sensors it can be used to detect , monitor and record accurate real-time data on the spot. With high performance wireless communication module of GPRS / 4G / Wi-Fi , this smart digital meter can automatically record and upload real-time on spot data to your smart phone App and IoT cloud platform online 24 hours a day. 

Features :

  • Multi-function: connect with different type of sensor to monitor different parameter
  • Storage capacity of 110,000 readings
  • Built-in 5000 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Touch control buttons and LCD display interface
  • Aluminum alloy housing , anti-impact tempered glass cover
  • Magnetic back for fast & simple mounting
  • Automatic over limit alarming function
  • Support HTTP to ensure data integrity

    Display OLED touch screen
    Material Aluminum alloy
    Communication mode WiFi (GSM optional)
    Built-in temperature range -20℃~60℃          | Accuracy : ±0.3℃
    Built-in humidity range  0~99%RH              | Accuracy : ±3%RH     
    Ext. sensor CO2 range 0-5000ppm       | Accuracy :±50ppm+5% reading
    Sensor weight 50g
    Sensor length 68.6mm
    Sensor dia 10.5mm
    Storage environment -20~60℃, 0%~85%RH
    Working environment -20~60℃, 0~100%RH
    Battery type 5000mAh
    Power supply 5V DC, USB charging



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