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WiFi Temperature Humidity Datalogger Edge500

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  • 1 x WiFi Temperature Humidity Datalogger Edge500
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WiFi Temperature Humidity Datalogger Edge500

Edge500 is intelligent , portable and durable. It is mainly comprised of a host meter and a specific type of sensor (external sensor). When connected with different type of sensors it can be used to detect , monitor and record accurate real-time data on the spot. With high performance wireless communication module of GPRS / 4G / Wi-Fi , this smart digital meter can automatically record and upload real-time on spot data to your smart phone App and IoT cloud platform online 24 hours a day. When the data exceeds the set value, it will immediately send alarm information via smart phone App , SMS and E-mail. The historical data can be exported in PDF or CSV format. It also supports bluetooth data printing. With a built-in 5000 mAh high-capacity Li-ion battery, it also can serve as a perfect self-contained datalogger in the field of cold-chain logistics and food transportation. It can work alone for about 30 days without any outside power supply.

    Display OLED touch screen                                              
    Material Aluminum alloy 
    Communication mode WiFi (GSM optional)
    Built-in temperature range -20C~60C       | Accuracy : ±0.3℃
    Built-in humidity range 0~99%RH       | Accuracy : ±3%RH
    Recording interval 1-60 min adjustable)
    Sampling speed 2s/time
    Storage environment -40~60℃, 0%~85%RH
    Working environment -20~60℃, 0~100%RH
    Dimension 110.7 x 68.5 x 20mm
    Battery type 5000mAh
    Power supply 5V DC, USB charging



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