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Transformer Polarity Tester TPT9000

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Transformer Polarity Tester TPT9000

The TPT9000 Transformer Polarity Tester is used for determining the correct polarity of current and voltage transformers. This device is a smart plug and play instrument designed for Commissioning Engineers. A lightweight instrument, it comes with magnetised back panel, making it ideal for storage on metallic walls or panels.

TPT9000 automatically detects if the transformer has been connected incorrectly. The device comes with a proving unit to check the correct operation of the unit in the field. A set of 600V CAT IV fused test leads terminated in shrouded 4mm connectors is also included with the unit, along with 4 F500mA HRC fuses.

TPT900 Proving Unit

The instrument is designed to be used on ‘dead’ systems (i.e., no externally supplied voltages are present on the test object). We strongly advise you not to connect the TPT9000 to a live system.  Always make sure that the power of the device under test is off.

TPT9000 Transformer Polarity Tester is designed for use in industrial and electrical substation environments on altitude level of maximum 2000m above sea level. Operating temperature is between 0°C and 45°C, while storage temperature is -20°C to 60°C.

TPT9000 requires a single PP3 9V battery to operate. Battery level is automatically monitored, and the device will not perform a test if the battery voltage is below a useable level.

    Weight 0.6 kg
    Dimensions 118 × 79 × 32 mm
    Supplied Accessories

    Proving unit
    1 off 1m Black fused lead
    1 off 1m Red fused lead
    1 off 1m Blue fused lead
    1 off 1m Brown fused lead
    Operating & Maintenance Manual
    Unit carry set case
    9V battery

    Optional accessories/spares

    Proving Unit, Part No. 249-0001
    Complete replacement output lead set, Part No. A249-0002
    Carry Case, Part No. A249-0003


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