Solar Power , Temperature&humidity , Weather Station PCE-FWS 20N
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Weather Station PCE-FWS 20N

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    Pce Instruments
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    PCE-FWS 20N
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    PCE-FWS 20N
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Weather Station PCE-FWS 20N

The wireless weather station is equipped with the latest technology in weather analysis. The transmitter is powered by a solar panel and the batteries. With the newly developed touch screen display, the weather data can be easily accessed directly from the wireless weather station by simply tapping on the display. With the USB interface and the included USB cable, the weather data can be transmitted directly from the wireless weather station to a PC or laptop. These data are all provided with a time / date stamp in order to be able to assign them even after a longer period of time. Here the weather data can be stored indefinitely. The supplied analysis software then allows you to observe and compare the weather over a longer period of time using graphs and graphics. Everything the user needs for commissioning and use of this wireless weather station is included in the delivery.

– Software for analyzing the stored data

– Backlit 7 inch touch screen

– Weather forecast function

– Automatic time setting thanks to DCF

– Adjustable alarms when the measured value is exceeded

– Wind direction and wind speed

– Temperature and humidity display

– Solar panel on the outdoor unit to the supply

    Inside Air temperature Measuring range 0 … +50 °C
    32 … 122 °F
    Inside Rel. Humidity Measuring range 1 … 99 %
    Inside Air Pressure Measuring function 300 … 1100 hPa
    8.85 … 32.5 inHg
    Outside Air temperature Measuring range -40 … 60 °C
    -40 … 140 °F
    Outside Rel. Humidity Measuring range 1 … 99 %
    Measuring function Rainfall Measuring range 0 … 9999 mm
    Measuring function Wind speed Measuring range 0 … 50 m/s
    0 … 100 mph

    1 x Weather Station PCE-FWS 20N
    1 x Outdoor unit
    1 x Mounting set
    1 x Wind cup
    1 x Wind vane
    5 x 1.5 V AA batteries
    1 x USB cable
    1 x User manual


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