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4 Channel Digital Thermometer Datalogger T446

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4 Channel Digital Thermometer Datalogger T446

T446 is with principle of thermocouple temperature measurement, which is an instrument used to measure temperature. This instrument uses cyclic measurement technology, therefore the sample rate can still be 2 times per second while four channels are working simultaneously with low power consumption. Benefit by the internal high precious circuit principle and high precious reference source of the instrument, coupled with accurate factory calibration, the resolution of the instrument can be reached 0.01℃, and the factory accuracy can be reached ±(0.3%|t|+0.40)℃.

Four channels to be measured temperature is supported by T446, and temperature graph can be displayed in single channel mode. Point calibration by users is supported by this instrument, and multiple points calibration can greatly improve the measuring accuracy of it (system composed of instrument and probe). This instrument supports the most commonly K, T and J types of thermocouple probes. The compatibility with multiple types of probes expands the application fields of the instrument.

T446 can record all the data during temperature measurement. The files generated while recording can be viewed directly on this machine or on any device that U disk supported.

T446 can be used in conjunction with PC software. It can record all the data while measuring, and user can view the statistics and temperature graph on the machine.

The PC software of T446 can monitor the temperature of multiple probes in real time. User can view the data recorded by the instrument on the PC software, and also can export files in a variety of formats.


  •   32-bit high-speed low-power MCU
  •   Four channels
  •   PC real time monitor
  •   K, T and J type thermocouple supported
  •   Resolution up to 0.01℃
  •   Factory accuracy ±(0.3%|t|+0.40)℃
  •   Accuracy up to ±0.1℃ after point calibration
  •   Measuring range -200℃~+1370℃
  •   Display temperature graph
  •   Over-limit alarm supported
  •   Display data for maximum, minimum, average
  •   Sample rate 2 times/second
  •   Can record 20000 groups of temperature readings 
  •   Multiple power supply supported
  •   Large dot matrix LCD display


    Dot matrix LCD screen with backlight

    Probe type

    K, T, J type thermocouple



    Measuring range

    Type K: -200~1370℃
    Type T: -200~400℃
    Type J: -200~1200℃


    ±(0.3%, t, +0.40)℃


    0.01℃ (-200.00℃~+999.99℃)
    0.1℃ (+1000.0℃~+1370.0℃)

    Power Supply

    3pcs of 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries

    Protection Class


    Product size

    176 x 73 x 40mm

    Storage Capacity

    20000 groups of readings

    Record Interval

    1~86399 seconds adjustable

    Net Weight



    12 Months


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