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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge ADL-UT20

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge ADL-UT20

Ultrasonic thickness gauge ADL-UT20 can work with any separately combined transducers operating at frequencies from 2.5 MHz to 10 MHz, their use provides high reliability of results in laboratory, workshop and field conditions. This device is implemented on a modern electronic base, equipped with a bright color screen and builtin memory for storing settings, characteristics of results.

The ADL UT-20 ultrasonic thickness gauge is often used to quick measurement the thickness of metal and non-metal products such as: sheets, tanks, pipes, pipelines, bridge, hull, transport and other structures, during their operation to determine the corrosion state or after their manufacture.

Widely applicable to energy, metallurgical, machine building, shipbuilding, transport and other industrial enterprises.

Features of ultrasonic thickness gauge ADL UT-20:

  •  high sensitivity;
  •  convenience in work;
  •  intuitively simple interface;
  •  the possibility of manual and automatic sensitivity adjustment;
  •  measuring range from 0.8 to 300 mm;
  •  the ability to connect any number of converters;
  •  bright color screen;
  •  possibility of recording measurement results and data transfer to a computer;
  •  large memory with over 5000 measurements;
  •  built-in Li-on battery provides up to 8-9 hours of operation.

    Measurement Principle Ultrasound
    Range of controlled thicknesses ( of steel) with separate-combined transducers 0,8–300 mm
    Complicated Shape Products Minimum radius of curvature of the product is 10mm
    Propagation speed of ultrasound 1000–9999 m/s
    Measurement resolution 0,1; 0,01mm
    Display TFT with matrix 240х320 pix
    Communication with PC micro-USB
    Uptime Up to 8-9 hours
    low battery alarm
    Dimensions 142×75×35mm
    Weight 240g

    •Thickness gauge ultrasonic;
    • Converter – 2 pcs;
    • Case;
    • Manual;
    • Passport;
    • Cable micro-USB;
    • Charger;
    • Standard gauge for zero setting on dual-coupled probes 8.02mm


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