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Vibration Analyzer Adelix MS30

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Vibration Analyzer Adelix MS30

Vibration analyzer designed for general vibration measurements, FFT spectrum analysis of rotating equipment, quick evaluation according to ISO 10816, rotating equipment balancing, condition monitoring, measurement and data acquisition. 

The instrument is simple and reliable to use, with built-in software that allows easy data management and reporting. Measurement of vibration with a vibrometer is very fast and does not require preparatory work. It is possible to measure 100 units per shift with the issuance of reports on the condition of the equipment in the enterprise. 
Vibration values measured after some time (for example, after 1 month) make it possible to predict the development of vibration and plan the timing of the next repairs. This allows you to save a lot of money compared to scheduled repairs. 
The values measured by the vibration analyzer can be used to diagnose unit defects using signal spectrum analysis. For example, by key and "defective" lines on the spectrum, it is possible to determine the state of bearings, imbalance, misalignment and other defects. 
The main field of application of the devices is the operational control of the mechanical condition during operation, diagnostics, maintenance and repair of equipment: bearings, gears, turbines, generators, fans, pumps, rotors, distribution plants, ball mills, rolling mills, gearboxes, conveyors, engines, blowers and many other equipment. Applicable for monitoring both entire structures and individual elements. 

Features :

  •  Measurement of vibration velocity, vibration displacement and vibration acceleration;
  •  Possibility of obtaining vibration change trends using specialized software;
  •  Method of shock impulses to determine the condition of bearings; 
  •  Spectral vibration analysis (fast Fourier transform);
  •  Analysis of the time signal;
  •  Envelope analysis to determine the condition of rolling and sliding bearings;


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