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Light Meter SI344

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Light Meter SI344

SI344 is specialized for measuring illumination and can be used in factories, lighting industry, planting, schools, offices, laboratories and street lamp construction.

The SI344 is equipped with high-sensitivity photosensitive probes that can be measured even in microlight environments. Its large range of 0~200000Lux meet the user measurement requirements in different environments.

Also, it has two available measurement modes. Where, in the maximum or minimum value measurement mode, the maximum or minimum value displayed by the instrument will change according to the real-time measurement results, and the user can obtain the current measured maximum or minimum illumination value at any time.

Key Features

  • Automatic range
  • SLOW/FAST of time weight
  • Maximum/Minimum measurement mode
  • Average view
  • USB power supply
  • Double display of illumination and ambient temperature


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