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Soil pH Meter - PCE-PH20S

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Soil pH Meter - PCE-PH20S

Easy to use, for determining the pH value of soil, with external pH electrode, can be recalibrated and is waterproof (IP67)

The pH meter for soil has been developed with the purpose of finding an effective method for directly determining the pH value of soil. With the help of this pH meter, it is possible to quickly and accurately measure the pH value of soil or a soil sample taken from the ground.

To do this, simply insert the electrode into loose soil and read the pH value on the digital display. Please take into account that the first measurement requires there to be moisture in the soil. The device comes calibrated by the manufacturer. The pH meter can be recalibrated by using the calibration solutions that come with the device. Calibration data remains stored in the device even when the batteries have been changed.

    Measurement range 0.00 to 14.00pH
    Dimensions 180 mm x 40 mm
    Weight 220 g / 0.58 lbs


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