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Holiday Detector 1-5kV DC MODEL 780

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Holiday Detector 1-5kV DC MODEL 780

Portable holiday detectors are designed for various pipeline, plant and other surface applications. It is used where the inspection surface remains stationary and the detector is moved over the inspection surface it find its application there. High voltage detectors are used for thicker surface coatings, such as those used on pipelines and other industrial applications. Low voltage, wet sponge detectors are used for thin film applications.

PIPELINE INSPECTION COMPANY offers three Portable SPY® Model Holiday Detectors that combine leading-edge circuitry in combination with our field proven accessories and electrode configurations for accurate, reliable inspection of large surfaces and pipelines.

1,000 – 5,000 volt range (thin film only).
4 – 50 mils.

Infinite Voltage Setting allows you to set the voltage exactly to the level you desire for the coating you are inspecting. Any setting you desire over the complete range of each detector model can be set. From two inches through sixty inches, whatever the coating – so mastic, tar, asphalt, extruded coats and tapes or thin film epoxy coatings – you have at your control the exact voltage setting required.

Auto Regulated Voltage keeps your voltage constant. Over a range of two inch through sixty inch pipe the detector output voltage automatically adjusts under the working load to the voltage levels you set. Now you can forget compensations for pipe size, or moisture on the pipe – the detectors automatically make these adjustments.

Quick battery release easily slips into position with a snap that announces positive contact and a secure lock in position.

Features :

  •  Horn and light for holiday indication.
  •  Easy carry top handle.
  •  Comfortable ergonomic rear handle.
  •  Infinitely adjustable voltage.
  •  Output voltage automatically regulated.
  •  Quick and easy battery installation.
  •  Integral Voltmeter to verify voltage setting.
  •  Light cycles off to indicate holiday is present.
  •  Louder audible alarm for heavy equipment environments.

    Voltage Type


    Voltage Range (kV)

    1-5 kV

    Coating Range (Min-Max)

    4-50 mils

    Internal Volt Meter

    YES-User Adjustable

    Power Type

    12V Rechargeable Battery

    Battery charge time

    Approx. 8 Hours

    Unit Dimensions (w/ battery)

    21.5” x 5” x 8” (L x W x H)

    Unit Weight (w/ battery)

    7.45 lb

    2 – 12V Rechargeable Batteries
    1 – 12V Charger
    1 – DC Paddle
    1 – 50 FT Ground Cable
    1 – Electrode Wand w/ Spring Connector
    1 – Shoulder Strap
    1 – Shoulder Strap Handle Clip
    1- Brush Adapter Kit
    1- SPY® Screwdriver
    1- Shipping / Carrying Case
    (Case Dimensions: 28” x 16” x 8”)
    1 – Operating Instructions


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