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Digital Anemometer 8916 AZ

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    Az Instruments
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    8916 AZ
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Digital Anemometer 8916 AZ

The 8916 Portable AZ Wind Speed Meter can measure the Air Speed, Air Velocity, Air Volume, Temp., which is the best choice as the wind speed monitoring device in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigerating) or industrial related application.

The portable 8916 AZ Air Flow Thermometer has the 10 cm diameter vane type. It could attach to the specific air flow cone to measure the volume quickly. User just needs to install the compatible airflow cone, the meter will recognize the area for air volume calculations automatically. The air flow cone set has the round and square size, which could be met with most applications.

AZ 8726 Hygrometer-probe / DP / WB T / Memory features:

  •  Measures air velocity, volume, temperature
  •  10 cm diameter vane type
  •  Auto airflow cone recognize (Square /round type)
  •  Max. /min. value, Hold function
  •  Unlimited points average auto calculation
  •  Time weighted average auto calculation
  •  Inlet and outlet measurement is doable
  •  Auto power off in 20 mins inactivity
  •  Low battery indicator
  •  Blue backlight for dark area operation

    Wind Speed Range

    0.20~30.00 m/s

    Wind Speed Accuracy

    ±(1.5% of reading+0.3 m/s) for under 20 m/s
    ±(3% of reading+0.3 m/s) for above 20 m/s

    Air Temperature Range


    Air Temperature Resolution

    0.1℃, 0.1℉


    AAA*4 PCS

    Standard Package

    Meter, Batteries, Manual, Hard Carry Case


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