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Plastic Gas Pipe Locator GAS TRACKER2

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Plastic Gas Pipe Locator GAS TRACKER2

GAS TRACKER2 is an instrument for locating and identifying buried plastic gas pipes. It is able to locate the position and direction of a buried plastic pipe from the surface. Generally out-dated maps are used to locate existing gas lines. The GAS TRACKER2 was developed to provide an easier, more efficient means to locate pipes resulting in a saving of time and money. Manufactured in France and validated almost one decade ago by the French gas company, it is now used on all continents. This unique signal injection method is internationally patented.


The transmitter, thanks to a resonator tank, is connected to a standard meter box.It sends the signal through the gas, vibrating it, which in turn makes vibrations in the surrounding ground.

The transmitter is easy to use with only two options : ON and OFF.

The GAS TRACKER2 receiver, using a listening device placed on the ground and connected to a hand-held receiver, displays the results.

The receiver has two modes : Prelocate, to quickly identify the area where the pipe is buried ; and Pin-point, to accurately locate where the pipe is and which direction it takes.

The GAS TRACKER2 is fully operational in urban environments even with the associated ambient noise.

The receiver features:

  • A strong design, made for the field
  • A military connection
  • A long-life battery pack
  • A high visibility screen
  • A very simple user-friendly interface
  • 3 functions : 3 button


    •Battery : Pb 2 x 7,6 Ah 12 V, Battery autonomy 4 h
    • Automotive battery charger input 12 V
    • External power supply (PSU) input 220 V
    • IP 63


    Tablet : Android, Bluetooth connection, Li-Ion
    rechargeable battery 9.6 Ah,autonomy 8 h, IP66

    Ground Sensor

    •Powered by NiMH rechargeable battery Battery autonomy 10 h
    • IP 63
    • Removable stick


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