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Email Alert Temperature and Humidity Datalogger DSR-TH

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Email Alert Temperature and Humidity Datalogger DSR-TH


  •  Built-in compact high precision temperature and humidity sensors
  •  Selectable USB, RS232 / 485, LAN, wireless communication interfaces
  •  High definition LCD with wider viewing angles and redundant operation temperature
  •  Support on-line linear and nonlinear calibration
  •  Suitable for pharmaceutical, electronic production, biochemistry laboratory, museum management and other     applications

Wider view angle LCD display providing comprehensive viewing range

LCD equipped on DSR series, uses FSTN technology for much clearer display. User can easily get the display on LCD even at the viewing angle of 170° degree. Operation temperature of LCD ranging from -30℃ to 70℃, brings it possibilities to be used in more applications.

Data Analysis Software

  •  In compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  •  Meet the requirements of GLP, GMP, ISO17025, ISO22000
  •  Authority management and disaster tolerance design, available professional versions
  •  Powerful network topology design fulfills a centralized management of distributed monitoring systems
  •  Support various Windows versions and 32-bit / 64-bit windows environment
  •  Support various databases as well as Linux
  •  Available dynamic library, bottom protocol etc for customer-class secondary development

Professional & smart electrical design

ZOGLAB talented R&D team design DSR series to be with flexible power and communication interfaces, wide voltage ranging of 5~24V, automatically polarity recognition and adaptive RS232 or RS485 interface, which bring great convenience for on-site debugging and installation.

    T Measuring Range -30℃~70℃
    T Accuracy ±0.3℃(23℃±2℃), full scale ±0.5℃
    T Resolution 0.1℃/0.2℉
    RH Measuring Range 0%~100%RH
    RH Accuracy ±3%RH(10%~85%RH) / other range ±5%RH(Testing Environment 23℃±2℃) / ±2%RH(High-precision version)
    RH Resolution 0.1%RH
    Memory Size 10,918[A] / 21,840[B] / 180,000[C] / 360,000[D]values
    Alarm High level and low level, display+beep+backlight
    Sampling Interval 2s、5s、10s、30s、60s、255s
    Logging Interval 2seconds~24hours
    Start with Delay Time 1~120s
    Start Mode Start immediately / Time-lapse start / Timing start
    End Mode Full / FIFO / Presetting units / Timing end
    Timing Start / End Random start / End with format YYMMDD HHMMSS
    Storage Temperature -50℃~90℃
    ESD Protection ±25KV


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