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Secondary Current Injection Test kit 100ADM MK4

  • MAKE : 
    T&R Test Equipment
  • MODEL : 
    100ADM MK4
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    On backorder
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Secondary Current Injection Test kit 100ADM MK4

The 100ADM mk4 Secondary Current Injection Test Set provides commissioning and maintenance engineers with a flexible system for testing protective systems. So It has an easy to understand panel layout and a simple user interface.We can see the status of every function at a glance. And there are no complicated menus to navigate. The100ADM mk4 keeps the familiar user interface of previous models. But adds a new metering system that accurately measures the RMS of a single cycle. It also features a new current limit mode to provide excellent control of shallow currents, even into low impedance loads. The current limit mode also helps test self-powered overcurrent protection as fitted to many 11kV ring central units. 

The unit has a range of outputs allowing injection of currents as low as a few mA and as high as 100A. Voltages up to 240V are available on the main outputs. 100ADM mk4 Allows high impedance current relays and voltage relays for the testing.

It will provide four true RMS metering ranges for the full scale & trip level from the selected output. It considers all the Industry standard safety connectors used for input/output for convenience, reliability, and safety. 

The  27.3% of the sentences contain passive voice, which is more than the recommended maximum of 10% Secondary Current Injection Test Set is comprehensively protected by overcurrent. Duty cycle and thermal trips and keeps the user fully informed of any trip condition.

A stabilised DC supply is provided to power the relay under test, along with an independently switched and isolated 110V AC output. 

  • 0-100A output current
  • True RMS metering with single cycle capture
  • Auxiliary DC and AC output
  • Multi-function auto-ranging timing system
  • Current limit mode for fine control
  • Automatic mains voltage selection
  • Thermal and over-current protection

    Weight 10 kg
    Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm
    Output Current

    0 – 100A


    Single Phase

    Operating manual
    Mains lead
    Output lead set
    Spare fuses
    Carry strap


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