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Digital Thermometer T410

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Digital Thermometer T410

T410 is an instrument used to measure temperature by applying the principle of thermocouple temperature measurement. Thanks to the high-precision circuit principle and high-precision reference source inside the instrument, coupled with accurate factory calibration, the resolution of the instrument reaches 0.01℃, and the factory precision reaches ±(0.3%|t|+0.40)℃.

T410 can display temperature change curve. This instrument also opens the point calibration function for users, and accurate multi-point calibration can greatly improve the measurement accuracy of the whole machine (the system composed of the host and the probe). This instrument supports the most commonly used K, T and J thermocouple probes. This compatibility with multiple types of probes expands the application fields of the instrument.

Key Features

High precision
Resolution 0.01 ℃
Measurement MIN/MAX/AVG
Display temperature graph
Over limit alarm
Support K, T and J thermocouples


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