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Digital Micro-ohmmeter HARES 100A

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Digital Micro-ohmmeter HARES 100A

HARE Series is a micro-ohmmeter manufactured by using advanced engineering technologies which can apply up to 100A/ 200A/ 300A test current. With its easy-to-use software, HARE Series can easily measure contact resistance of circuit breaker, shunt and disconnector by applying adjustable test current up to 100A/ 200A/ 300A depending on the model. HARE Series can measure from 0.1 μ Ω to 5 Ω and is capable of measuring static resistance of the circuit breaker’s contact points. HARE Series can also measure idle circuit breakers. The 4.3-inch colour touch screen displays all measurement results on a single screen. With a user-friendly interface, the HARE Series guides operators to perform tests quickly. HARE Series’ flash memory feature allows storing around 1000 records. Users can copy test records by using a USB drive. HARE Series is a very compact, rugged device with IP67 protection class (case closed) which weighs only 3 kg.

    Measurement Parameter Contact Resistance
    Measurement Modes Static Resistance Measurement
    Adjustable Test Current 0.4A to 100A (HARE-100)


    0.4A to 200A (HARE-200)

    0.4A to 300A (HARE-300)

    Measurement Range 0.1 µΩ to 5 Ω 
    Accuracy & Resolution Nominal



    Full Range



    Resolution Recommended Test Current Typical Accuracy
    1 mΩ 999.9 μΩ 0.1 μΩ 50 – 300 A ±0.1% rdg ± 0.1% Fs
    10 mΩ 9.999 mΩ 1 μΩ 10 – 300 A ±0.1% rdg ± 0.1% Fs
    100 mΩ 99.99 mΩ 10 μΩ 5 – 30 A ±0.1% rdg ± 0.1% Fs
    1 Ω 999.9 mΩ 0.1 mΩ 1 – 3 A ±0.1% rdg ± 0.1% Fs
    5 Ω 4999 mΩ 1 Ω 0.4A ±1% rdg ± 1% Fs
    Power Supply to charge the battery 100-240 V 47/63 Hz
    Memory Up to 1000 records
    Test Plan Up to 6 plans
    PC Software DMP Software (Reporting only)
    Display 4.3-inch TFT touch display
    Dimensions 12.5” x 10.1” x 6.0” (318 mm x 257 mm x 152 mm )
    Weight 3 kg
    Working Temperature -10 °C to + 60 °C
    Storage Temperature -30 °C to + 70 °C
    Humidity 95% RH non condensing
    Protection Class IP67 (case closed)
    Set of Package HARE device, Rechargeable Battery, Power Cord, 1.5m Measurement Cable Set, USB


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