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Turbidity Meter 860040

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Turbidity Meter 860040

Turbidity (undissolved solids) is an important measure of water quality in environmental testing, wastewater, petrochemical, beverage industry, and electroplating.

Compact, battery operated turbidity meter is easily portable for use in the field or lab. The meter displays turbidity uses the internationally recognized Nephelometric Turbidity Unit of measure (NTU), used in many industries including the beverage, water quality, biological growth and chemical manufacturing industries. 

This Sper Scientific Turbidity Meter displays the turbidity level of aqueous solutions on a large, bright LCD screen. This meter can measure numerous different types of aqueous solutions and offers an automatic, push-button 2-point self-calibration feature that can be performed in under a minute. Features include auto-ranging and min-max recall. 

Comes ready to use in a hard, foam lined carrying case with 0 NTU and 100 NTU calibration solutions, 2 sample cell bottles, distilled water, cleaning cloth, instruction manual and 6 AAA batteries. Additional calibration solution is also available.

  •  Reads turbidity values of aqueous solutions
  •  Protective chamber with lid to prevent debris from entering
  •  Maximum and Minimum values
  •  Portable design for use in the field or laboratory
  •  Data Hold Function
  •  Optional DC adapter for field use
  •  Zero adjustment feature for low turbidity solutions

    Unit of Measure: Range: Resolution: Accuracy:
    Turbidity 0 to 49.99 NTU 0.01 NTU ±5% RDG or 0.5 NTU whichever is greater
    50 to 1000 NTU 1 NTU ±5% RDG or 5 NTU whichever is greater
    Operating Temperature & Humidity 0 to 50°C
    And Less than 85% Relative Humidity
    Power Supply AAA, 1.5V battery x 6
    Battery Life 250 hours


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