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Primary Current Injection Test Set PCU1-SP MK2 5000A

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Primary Current Injection Test Set PCU1-SP MK2 5000A

The Primary Current Injection Test Set PCU1-SP MK2 5000A is a medium powered primary current injection set offering output currents up to 5000A (11.5kVA for 40seconds). The system consists of a separate control unit containing all metering and control functions and a loading unit, such as the NLU200, NLU2000 or the NLU5000, that provides the high current output. The PCU1-SP mk2 are ideally suited to primary current injection, stability testing and circuit breaker testing. In addition, the SP version offers direct-reading CT ratio and polarity tests and a 100A secondary injection output. Two loading units are available, delivering a maximum output current of 2000A or 5000A. Each loading unit has three output taps to allow for a wide range of load impedances. For example, the NLU5000 may be configured to either give a maximum current of 5000A on the 2.3V range, 2500A on the 4.6V range or 1250A on the 9.2V range.

The Primary Current Injection Test Set PCU1-SP MK2 5000A systems have a high accuracy timing system, allowing timing tests to be carried out to a resolution of 1ms. Selection for normally open or normally closed contacts is automatic, and the status of the contacts is shown on the front panel. Timing modes are available to test under and over current devices, re-closers, under and over voltage devices, current trips and circuit breakers.

A full range of high current output leads are available to complement the system in a range of lengths.

Features :

  • 5kA maximum output current (higher overload currents for 2s)
  • Multi-function digital timing system
  • Digital true RMS memory ammeter
  • Solid state switching
  • 200A, 2000A and 5000A loading units
  • Three range outputs on loading units
  • Rugged, compact design
  • Optional trolley mounting of system
  • Secondary injection up to 100A
  • Auxiliary metering input
  • Direct reading CT ratio and polarity

    Max. Output Current 5000A
    Output range on Loading Units  1250A, 2500A, 5000A
    Secondary Current  100A

    Control Unit(PCU1-SP) : 450 × 275 × 305 mm
    NLU5000 : 450 × 275 × 370 mm

    Weight  Control Unit(PCU1-SP) : 26kg
     NLU5000 : 60kg


    - Operating manual
    - Mains lead
    - Spare fuse set


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