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Wall Mounted Infrared Thermometer 800113

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Wall Mounted Infrared Thermometer 800113

This highly accurate IR thermometer is perfect for schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, offices, shops or home use. The 180 degree rotatable sensor allows for a variety of applications. The unit provides auto-temperature measurement from a distance of 1-10 cm, and has a super-fast response time of 0.5 seconds. Intelligent talkback support in 4 languages provides feedback with a customizable voice that announces “Normal” or “High” temperature readings. High readings are accompanied by a flashing red light and alarm sound. Normal readings show a solid green light with a pleasant chime. The large, clear LED readout displays the temperature in degrees, with a switch for °F or °C.

Comes with a magnetic back and a pair of metallic, self-adhesive tabs that allow for easy wall mounting, or can also be mounted using a standard tripod (optional). Ships with lithium ion rechargeable battery and USB charging cable, and can also be powered using 3 standard AA batteries. 

  •  Large, Color LED Display
  •  High Accuracy: ‡0.2 degrees
  •  Automatic Measurement: 1cm ~ 10cm
  •  USB or Battery Powered
  •  Sensor can be Rotated 180°
  •  Customizable Voice + Alarm
  •  Low Battery Indicator
  •  One Week Standby Time (Approx.)

    Weight 0.130 kg
    Dimensions 13 × 7 × 3.2 cm
    Measuring Range (Body Mode)

    0 to 40 °C

    Measuring Range (Surface Mode)

    0 to 60 °C

    Response Time

    < 0.4s

    Distance Spot

    1 cm to 10 cm

    Power Options

    USB charging, 1 x 18650 Li-ion Battery, or 3 x AA


    60 point auto cycling memory


    120 x 33 x 90mm


    8.8 ozs


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