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Portable Vibration Meter Adelix M10

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Portable Vibration Meter Adelix M10

The ADL-M10 vibration meter will help ensure uninterrupted operation and reduce costs for repairing and servicing industrial equipment by detecting wear and damage at early stages.

The main advantages of the ADL M10 are:

  • Miniature design with magnetic mounting and the possibility of attaching to an M5 stud, which eliminates the influence of the human factor on the measurement process;
  • High measurement accuracy for 3 vibration parameters: vibration velocity, vibration acceleration, and vibration displacement;
  • Diagnosis of rolling bearings by peak factor;
  • High degree of shock and drop protection;
  • Built-in battery and USB Type-C charging connector;
  • Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity (option);
  • Real-time data transmission to any mobile device (additional option);
  • Built-in bright OLED display;
  • Measurement resolution up to 0.01;
  • Simplicity and ease of use.

A distinctive feature of the ADL M10 vibration meter is the ability to operate in the following modes:

Classic vibrometer – implies the use of the device as an indicator of the overall vibration level, measurement of peak values, displacement, or diagnosis of rolling bearings by peak factor. As a result, the device displays the current and averaged value. The duration of vibration value averaging can also be customized upon individual request.

This mode will be useful for daily monitoring of equipment: pumps, reducers, electric drives, and turbochargers, including both individual units of rotating equipment and the entire unit as a whole, which will provide a general understanding of the vibrational state of industrial equipment at the enterprise.

Lineman Assistant – work of the servicing personnel along a specified route with data transmission to an external device. It is possible to connect to existing software or order individual software development.

The ADL M10 vibration meter is a portable assistant for vibration control that significantly improves the vibration monitoring process, making it extremely simple, convenient, and accurate!


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