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Coating Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST TP-2020

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Coating Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST TP-2020

Coating thickness gauge NOVOTEST TP-2020 is designed for thickness measuring of coatings based on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Variety of various sensors make it possible of non-destructive testing of protective coatings with a wide thicknesses range. Thickness gauge can also measure next parameters: the depth of grooves and corrosion, surface roughness as well as temperature control, ambient humidity and dewpoint temperature, therefore covering a wide range of tasks by one universal unit (thickness gauge).

Gauge thickness

To suit specific control requirements depending on the thickness, base and coating to be measured, there are various types of probes. Coating Thickness Gauge TP-2020 has a wide range of measured coatings (from 0 up to 60 mm), therefor are able to make protective coatings revision starting with films, body paint thickness to coatings of metal constructing, bridges, oil and gas pipelines and other objects with bitumned coatings.

TP-2020 zinc coating thickness 2

Operating modes

Coating thickness gauge TP-2020 has operating modes that make it able to rapidlu and with high accuracy inspect of protective coatings.

  • Normal – the device displays the value of the current measurement or the average over a series of measurements
  • Control – used in cases where it is necessary to control the coating with clearly defined thicknesses. During measurements, coating thinness gauge illustrate the difference in thickness of the measured and reference coatings, analyzing which the operator makes conclusions about coating quality
  • Statistics – monitor the following parameters of a series of measurements: maximum and minimum value, deviation, average value, number of measurements
  • Automatic averaging mode – after each measurement, the device by default includes this result in the set of averaged values

    Thickness measurement range(depends on probe type) 0 µm … 60 mm
    Measured parameter coating thickness, corrosion depth, roughness, temperature, humidity, dew point temperature
    Measuring units μm, mm, inch, mil
    Revision modes calculation of average, indication of minimum and maximum
    PC connection yes
    Menu languages English, Spanish, French, Russian
    Dimensions, mm 122x60x25
    Operating temperature range, ° C -20 … +40 ° C
    Batteries 2 AA
    Type of connectors of probes Lemo
    Storage of measurement results and PC software (optional) 256


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