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Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter DMO600

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Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter DMO600

The Digital Low Resistance Micro-Ohmmeter DMO600 is a high current digital micro-ohmmeter. Suitable for measuring very low resistances in a wide range of applications. The unit is equally suited to commissioning, maintenance and production line environments. Also, it can be used for measuring resistances in circuit breakers, switch panels, isolators, and busbar joints are all easily and safely measured. The Digital Low Resistance Micro-Ohmmeter DMO600 is simple to operate, only requiring the user to select the test current and switch the output on. The unit has presentable test current with three buttons to store commonly used test currents. All range selection is fully automatic, and current, voltage and resistance are displayed simultaneously. The resistance is calculated from the test current and sense voltage. All readings are held on the display when the output is switched off. The unit features results storage using a USB memory key and is supplied with a USB keyboard to enter comments to be stored with readings. All results are time and date-stamped and saved in a CSV file. The CSV file can be opened with any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel™ or LibreOffice Calc. The back-lit display on the DMO600 digital micro-ohmmeter is bright and clear with a wide viewing angle. The DMO600 has an RS232 port allowing the unit to be connected to an optional printer. This can also be used to connect the unit to PLCs for production line use – full control of the DMO600 may be achieved through the RS232 port using a simple set of commands.



    Test Current



    560 × 456 × 265 mm


    19.7 kg


    Supplied Accessories Operating manual
    Output lead set
    Mains lead
    Earth lead
    USB memory key
    USB keyboard
    Optional Accessories DMO600 Standard Leads, Part no. A231-0002
    Output & sensing extension 3m in plastic case, Part no. A231-0004
    Output & sensing extension 5m in plastic case, Part no. A231-0005
    Output & sensing extension 10m in plastic case, Part no. A231-0006


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