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Sound Level Meter with Datalogging SI340

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Sound Level Meter with Datalogging SI340

SI340 is an instrument for measuring environmental noise, which can be used in the fields of machine manufacturing, equipment maintenance, architectural design, transportation, environmental protection and health care.

A weight attenuates the low frequency components of the original noise signal of the environment more, simulates the auditory characteristics of the human ear, evaluates the noise size from the hearing, so it is the most widely used, and the weight has less modification to the original noise signal of the environment. Can truly reflect the noise of the environment.

SI340 adds the recording function, which can record all the data in the measurement process.


  •  Frequency A/C
  •  SLOW/FAST of time weight
  •  DC/AC signal output
  •  PC software 
  •  Data records 
  •  USB data export 

    Recording function Yes
    PC software Yes
    Storage capacity 17280 sets of measurements
    Record interval 1 second to 10 minutes
    Measuring range 30~130dBA; 35~130dBC
    Resolution 0.1db
    Precision ±1.5dB (reference tone standard, 94dB@1kHz)
    Measuring gear 30~130dB; 30~80dB; 50~100dB; 80~130dB
    Response frequency 31.5Hz~8.5kHz
    Sampling frequency 2 per second
    Frequency weighted characteristics A and C rights
    Time weighting characteristics

    FAST (time constant 125 milliseconds)

    SLOW (time constant 1 second)

    Analogical depiction

    2dB/Characterization (30~130dB gear)

    1dB/Characterization (other gear)

    AC signal output 4Vrms/output impedance is about 100Ω per full scale
    DC signal output The output impedance of 10mV/dB, is approximately 85Ω
    Operating environment

    Temperature: 0~40℃

    Humidity: 10~80%RH

    Storage environment

    Temperature: -10~60℃

    Humidity: 10~70%RH

    Power supply

    2 pcs of 1.5V AA alkaline batteries

    2 pcs of 1.2V AA rechargeable batteries

    5V USB

    Protection level IP40
    Dimension 221*65*30 mm
    Material ABS
    Weight About 155g (without batteries)



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