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Pipe Inspection Camera PICS1230 30 Meter Cable

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Pipe Inspection Camera PICS1230 30 Meter Cable

This HD sewer pipe inspection camera system is with compact, rugged, portable and humanized design for efficient operation in sewer;drain,duct,chimney,milk pipes,water mains,central air conditioning,heating system,pipe ventilatio systems,plumbing,related sites and where a pipe inspection camera is required.

It consists of three main parts:

1. control box with 9 inch or 13.3inch big IPS DVR monitor and wireless keyboard for text input

 2. Metal frame with automatic padlock

3. Big cable reel with meter counter equipment, fiberglass push rod and 12.8mm or 21mm HD Camera(sapphire lens).

    It is suitable for pipes with inner diameter at 15mm-200mm.

Application :

  • Locating source of water intrusion.
  • Locating insects or dead rats or corrosion inside cavity walls.
  • Black mold inspection, insulation levels etc.
  • Electrical, plumbing, wiring, network/phone and CATV routing.
  • Small automotive engines and other related inspections.
  • Gun bore and related inspections.
  • Motor Inspections.
  • HVAC duct systems.
  • Sewer pipe inspections and related plumbing applications.

    Display Size 9 Inch IPS Screen
    Resolution 1024*600 resolution
    Video 1280 x 720
    Recording Video and audio recording
    Storage Support Max 1TB SD Card or USB storage device 
    Camera head  Ø21mm x 45mm
    Camera sensor  1/3" CMOS
    Camera Res 1080P (1920x1080)
    Field of View 120°
    Water Proof  IP68
    Led 12 High Bright White LEDs
    Cable Length 30M
    Cable Diameter Φ5.3mm



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