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Vibrometer Meter ADL-P3

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Vibrometer Meter ADL-P3

Vibrometer (Vibration pen) is a portable device that allows you to carry out express diagnostics of the vibration state of various equipment according to the mean square value (RMS) of vibration velocity. The main field of application of the device is the operational control of the mechanical condition of equipment during operation, repairs and maintenance, diagnostics of bearings, gears, turbines, generators, fans, pumps, various rotors, structures in general and its individual elements, vibration tests, etc. 

The vibration pen is the simplest, miniature vibration meter that allows you to get the value of the vibration level by pressing one button. Work with a vibration pen does not require special knowledge, skills and qualifications of personnel. It was created for operational monitoring of the state of equipment, allows you to do this accurately, quickly and conveniently.

Main Advantages of the Devices:  express diagnostics of rolling bearings (model ADL - P3);  fast measurement (in a few seconds) by pressing one button;  the measurement process is shown on the screen;  miniaturization, compactness  the weight of the vibration meter is only 100g;  bright OLED screen;  ease to use - intuitive control and display of measurements;  long battery life of 9 hours;  does not require special skills, knowledge of special qualifications of service personnel;  frequency range of measurements is sufficient for application in almost any branch of industry, transport and utilities.

    RMS of vibration velocmity, m/s  200
    Vibration acceleration amplitude, m/s2 200m/s2
    Displacement (span)  2000 μm
    Working Frequency Range, Hz 10 ÷ 1000 Hz
    Accuracy  ± 5% (10 ÷ 1000 Hz)
    Working hours Up to 8 hours
    Connector type USB — micro–B USB 1.0 Receptacle Connector
    Weight  0.1 Kg


    – Vibration meter ADL-P3-1 pc.
    – Charger – 1 pc.
    – charger cable USB-microUSB – 1 pc.
    – Bag for carrying and storage – 1 pc.
    – User’s manual combined with a passport – 1 pc.


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