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Heat Stress Monitor - 800034

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Heat Stress Monitor - 800034

Large display continually monitors temperature, RH & all heat stress indicators:

  •  TA (Air Temperature)
  •  RH
  •  Heat Index
  •  Dew Point
  •  Wet Bulb

Government organizations such as OSHA have set recommended heat stress limits for various activities. Continually monitors all heat stress indicators. Recalls min/max temperature and provides visual alarms for user selectable hi/lo temperature thresholds, (+ RH for model 800034). Datalogging Model 800035 adds an audible temperature alarm, and records up to 32,000 data points that can be downloaded using the USB cable that comes with the unit and free downloadable software. Both models include 4 AAA batteries and stand on a desk-top or wall mount. An AC Adapter (800059) is included with Datalogger 800035 and available as an optional accessory for Monitor 800034.

Heat stress results from a combination of many environmental factors – air temperature and humidity along with radiant heat from the sun and surfaces, balanced by the cooling effect of breezes or air flow. OSHA is campaigning to prevent heat illness in workers and reports that every year thousands of workers become sick working in the heat, and some even die. Accurate measurements of heat stress conditions is a key component of a heat illness prevention plan. To prevent injury it is a good idea to have heat stress monitors in place. Heat stress monitors determine the level of heat stress as a result of a combination of external heat exposure from the environment. When the heat stress index becomes too high, the monitor will register the heat level as dangerous.

    Air Temperature

    -20 to 50°C
    -4 to 121°F


    0.0 to 99.9%


    4½" × 4¼" × 1" (108 × 115 × 25 mm)


    5 oz (141 g)



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