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Marine Anemometer Sensor Wind Speed & Direction Mi9000S

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Marine Anemometer Sensor Wind Speed & Direction Mi9000S

  • Mi9000 series anemometers are marine anemometer equipment specially designed for ships.
  • It belongs to the type of wind-driven rotary shaft and meets the performance and functional requirements of ISO international standards.
  • The sensor shell is made of stainless steel, which has corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, long life cycle, suitable for all kinds of ships, especially for coastal and ocean-going ship working environment.
  • Using absolute encoder sensor, the acquisition is more accurate. The display adopts a 7-inch full-touch high-definition LCD screen, which is beautiful in design and easy to operate.
  • The interface design adopts the international professional ship design style, with three display modes of real wind speed and direction, relative wind speed and direction, and ground wind speed and direction, which can be selected flexibly.
  • Sunny, cloudy, dusk, and night 4 color matching modes, which have comfortable visual effects in different brightness environments. The automatic switching mode can automatically switch the mode according to the sunrise and sunset time, and can also set the switching time according to the needs.
  • Multi-channel NMEA0183 input and output, can be connected to speed log, satellite compass, GNSS antenna, etc., and provide standard wind direction and wind speed data for other navigation equipment.
  • With automatic/manual heating function, it can still operate normally in harsh environments (optional function).

    Wind direction range


    Wind direction accuracy

    ± 5°

    Wind speed range


    Wind speed accuracy

    ±0.5m/s (wind speed < 10m/s
    ± V*5% (wind speed ≥10m/s)

    Degree of protection

    Sensor: IP56 Display unit: IP20

    Power supply

    DC 24V


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