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Secondary Current Injection Test Set 100A/E MK3

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    T&r Test Equipment
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    100A/E MK3
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Secondary Current Injection Test Set 100A/E MK3

The 100 A/E MK3 Secondary Current Injection Test Set  design gives the maintenance and commissioning engineer. Many facilities in one self-contained instrument. The unit is portable, compact, and simple to use. And the unit's mains supply is either 240V±10% or 115V +10% -6% at either 50 or 60Hz. And obtain full load at the supply voltage extremes.  Current and voltage outputs are independently controlled and metered. The output current and voltage will be display on large, precise panel instruments. An additional four range CT is provided, extending the ammeter range down to 0-100mA.

All of the outputs are fully isolated using double wound transformers. The timing system on the 100A/E is very flexible without compromising ease of use. However, four modes of operation and two contact inputs provided. And allowing for a wide range of timed events. Both contact inputs automatically select for normally open or normally closed contacts operations. The different timing modes as described overleaf.

Most Importantly, Import Internal start mode starts the timer when the ‘ON’ pushbutton is pressed. And stops the timer when the first contact set changes state. This model has ideally suited to timing over-current relays. Single contact mode starts and stops the timer on. The first and second changes of state of the first contact set. And dual contact mode starts the timer from the first set of contacts and stops it from the second set. These modes allow reset and re-close times of protective devices to be easily measured.

Timer Operation

Moreover, timer's final mode of operation starts the timer when the current exceeds 20% of the selected metering range and stops it when the current falls below 20%. This allows the timing of trips with no auxiliary contacts such as miniature circuit breakers. Automatic control has been provided such that all outputs can be switched off once the device under test has operated. As a result, automatic control can be switched in or out of the circuit for all outputs, enabling setting up procedures to be carried out. The instrument is housed in a robust case complete with a protective cover and fold-away carrying handles.

Optional Function

The unit's current output has eight ranges, allowing the selection of output voltages up to 150V and output currents up to 200A. The unit's voltage output has three ranges, allowing the selection of output voltages up to 500Vac and 250VDC. If using a 100ADM-F with the 100A/E MK 3 unit, you will need to order the A0006-0010 lead set.

The output of the 100A/E MK3 secondary current injection test set is a true RMS analog system with separate instruments for current and voltage. AC current is metered by a dual scaled ammeter reading 0-1A and 0-5A. AC voltage is metered by a dual scaled ammeter reading 0-300V and 0-600V. The output may be automatically switched off at the end of the test to safeguard the relay under test. This is available for both the voltage and current output.


    Output Current       0 – 100A

    Phase                      Single phase

    - Operating manual
    - 2m Mains lead
    - Non-latching contact lead
    - 100AL lead set
    - Spare fuses


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