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12 Inch Pelicase Chart Recorders

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12 Inch Pelicase Chart Recorders

Sensitivity and extreme conditions do not make for a happy couple. Stiko chart recorders form the keystone of an intimate marriage between these two extremes.Their construction, the materials used, and the extremely close tolerances ensure a flawless and precise application. The Pelicase does the rest and guarantees reliability, time and time again, for a lifetime.


In order to guarantee that our chart recorders keep on working, we have several systems available:

- Mains-powered

- Battery-operated (Swiss-made)

- Mechanical spring-wound.

In each case our chart drives completely exceed the prescribed operational service life. Problem-free, defect-free and inspiringly reliable.


Pressure and temperature, any combination will do. Stiko chart recorders keep on working, regardless of the conditions. All measurements are and will remain 100% reliable and accurate.

Key characteristics:

-  Triple pen versions available

 -  Designed as portable, flush or direct mounting

-  IP65

-  Durable

- Tailor-made on request

 -  ATEX certification possible

STIKO Stainless steel chart recorders for temperature and/or pressure are available in three chart sizes.

1.6” chart recorder (RPX192) uses Charts are 163mm.
2.9” chart recorder (RPX280) is our medium sized recorder.
3.12” chart recorder (RPX463) uses charts of 300mm.

We supply to customers around the world mainly in the chemical, petrochemical, offshore, oil & gas, shipping, food & dairy and pharmaceutical industries


    Model Code

    Pressure : RPP500X400XT
    Temperature : RTP500X400XT
    Both : Add -DUPLEX to the product code of the base model

    Standard Range

    0-1,6 and up to 0-600 bar
    0-30 up to 0-10.000 PSI

    Chart diameter

    12" / 300mm

    Standard pressure connection

    9/16" x 18 UNF HP (1/4"HP female Autoclave)

    Clock Option

    Standard Clock
    Battery Operated clock


    Class 1,0% F.S


    Including 2 pens per measuring system (one mounted on penarm) and 100 charts per recorder.


    23,4 lbs / 10,6 kg



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